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Nube Lamp

The Nube lamp, arises from the union between Italy and Spain from the hand of the most ancestral craftsmanship. My passage through an Italian village formerly dedicated only to glass led me to discover processes in the glass not used in Spain as usual as the molding in wood for glass (ancient technique but very dicult to execute) and decided to build a mold there to take it to Spain and blow it in the Real Fabrica de Cristaleria de La Granja, where are the most skilled craftsmen of glass in Spain. Nube Lamp doesn´t root for perfection, it´s just the oposite: take a closer look at the glass and you´ll see the traces that remember it was handcrafted. I want you to not only see the nal result but also its process of creation and human implication. It´s about the history behind Nube Lamp: the conection of diferent cultures and apreciating handcrafted work.