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Nicolás Mosulén was born in Vigo, a coastal city in the north of Spain, and studied industrial design at IED Madrid, specializing in furniture, lighting, and decorative objects. After that, he decided to explore the contemporary design scene, working for some of the most recognized European studios such as Sebastian Herkner Studio (Germany) or Lázaro-RosaViolán (Spain), where he learned to pay special attention to detail, the proper use of materials, and understanding the object in its space. He has also collaborated with institutions such as the Michelangelo Foundation and the European Institute of Design.

In his practice, Nicolas seeks to create objects with a strong cultural connection, where the imprint of the past is visible in the present and blends with contemporary design thinking. Much of his imagination is marked by collaboration with master craftsmen with specific local knowledge, who bring sensitivity and functionality to his objects. For Nicolas, craftsmanship and local knowledge of trades are a fundamental pillar of his work. Collaborating with people who have dedicated their lives to experimenting with a single technique, whether it be blown glass, basketry, leather, etc., is not only a way of production but culture. “I see the reason for my products to exist in the preservation and creation of local culture and its relationship with industry, always with a contemporary perspective.

Awards, exhibitions and workshops

  • Winner of the OneDayDesignChallenge by Roca, 2018
  • Collective exhib. Day of Industrial Design, MataderoMadrid, 2019
  • Collective exhibition at Palacio Cibeles, Madrid, 2022
  • Selected in DesignParade by Villa Noailles, 2022
  • Schoolarship by MichelangeloFoundation (HomoFaber), Vienna, 2022
  • Contemporary Visions, Workshop at IED Madrid, 2023
  • Salone Satellite Fiera Milano, 2023
  • IED House 2023 (Collective exhibition)


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